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Tutorial Teldaria Towny Start Guide


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Towny Guide Glossary
This will take you to a guide on how commands are brought into towny ranks
This will take you to a guide for all towny commands

Please note anything bolded is a command
Introduction to Teldaria

When you first log on you are going to be at the servers /warp tutorial, from there you can go through the tutorial and learn about the servers core features(some items might be outdated). From tutorial, you can go through the portal at the end which will take you to spawn or /spawn. In your inventory, there will be an uncommon key feel free to claim it at /rewards. If you wanna learn more about the core of Teldaria there are guides on the forums and in-game you can do /faq, /warp tutorial, or /warp info.

Towny in a Nutshell
To start your towny experience do /warp wild then /rtp to be randomly teleported in our overworld. Once you have found the place you would like to start your town it’s time to start a town, /town new (name of town). You will need at least $1,000 to start it. After starting the town walk around to different chunks and type /town claim. This will be how you claim land for your town Each chunk is $250 and you only get a certain amount of chunks at the start adding more players will give you more chunks to claim along with joining a nation. Nations give you 200+ chunks and each player gives you an additional 8 chunks. Once you start claiming land and getting a small town going you can make the chunks you’ve claimed into plots. There are different types of plots that you can set the chunk as. Check out the command guide for the types of plots. You can type /towny map to see where you’ve claimed and what plots are for sale. To claim a plot do /plot claim while standing in the chunk. F3+g will show chunk borders in-game.

Towny Upkeep
Towny’s town system has daily up keeps and costs that have to be paid in order to keep the town. Upkeep goes up as you gain more chunks claimed. To see the towns upkeep costs do /towny prices and to check when they are taken out it’s /towny time. To help pay for upkeep you can turn on town taxes, town taxes take a percent of the resident's balance /town toggle taxpercent to enable it and then /town set taxes [%], Be sure to always have money in the town bank to prevent your town from being disbanded /town deposit [amt]

More on Claiming
Claiming in towny can be very confusing, but no worries. For starters, you would want to make sure you have the money to afford more chunks /town claim. You can only claim adjacent to the original town claim unless you create a town outpost which costs $50,000 per outpost /town new outpost. Every new outpost made is given a number and to teleport to said outpost you type /town outpost [#]. From the town outpost, you can claim just like a normal town.

Guides Written By Frxost & CAke
We ask for your patience as we are learning Towny as well, anything you feel is incorrect or should be changed please let us know on discord.
Towny Guides will be updated as more content/features are added.
Any questions or concerns feel free to message us on discord -
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