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Towny Guide Glossary
This will take you to a guide on how commands are brought into towny ranks
This will take you to a guide on how to start towny

Please note this guide does not give tips on how to make a successful town

They each follow the same syntax, but the commands are slightly different:
  • /town set perm (resident/outsider/ally) (build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)
  • /res set perm (friend/outsider/ally) (build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)
  • /plot set perm (friend/outsider/ally) (build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)
  • /town toggle (fire/explosion/pvp/mob)
  • /res toggle (fire/explosion/pvp/mob)
  • /plot toggle (fire/explosion/pvp/mob)
Here’s a list of what each of those corresponds to:
  • Resident - any player that is a resident of your town (not embassy owners)
  • Friend - any player on your friends list (to see it, just type /res)
  • Outsider - any player on server
  • Ally - any player from an allied town in your nation
  • Build - Place any block
  • Destroy - Remove any block
  • Itemuse - Use an item (fire charge, flint & steel)
  • Switch - Open/use any door, pressure plate, button, lever, chest, etc…
  • Fire - Fires spread from one block to another
  • Explosion - TNT explosions
  • PVP - Combat between players
  • Mob - Mob activity on plot
Towny Command List
  • /towny
  • /plot
  • /resident (/res for short)
  • /town
  • /nation

  • /towny ? - is to get help
  • /towny map - Shows the towny map
  • /towny prices - Shows taxes/costs that come when running a town
  • /towny time - Shows time until new-day (New day - tax/upkeep will be taken)
  • /towny top [resident/land] - Shows the top towns
  • /towny war [stats/scores/hud/participant] - Shows information on current wars (world must be in war)

  • /plot ? - Shows all available plot commands
  • /plot claim - Command to claim plots up for sale
  • /plot claim auto - automatically claims a plot in a town (town must have 4 or more plots)
  • /plot unclaim - Command to unclaim plot
  • /plot notforsale - Command to make a plot, not for sale (Must be a mayor or assistant)
  • /plot forsale (amt) - Command to make a plot for sale (Must be a mayor or assistant)
  • /plot clear - Command to clear a plot (Must be a mayor or assistant)
  • /plot evict - Evicts the current plot owner (Must be a mayor or assistant) **Note Cmd is not on the server**

As a plot owner, you get a lot of custom commands in towny
  • /plot toggle - Customisable features for plots (Must be the plot owner)
  • /plot set reset - Sets a plot to a normal plot
  • /plot set shop - Sets a plot to a plot shop
  • /plot set embassy - Sets a plot to an embassy plot
  • /plot set arena - Sets a plot an arena plot
  • /plot set wilds - Sets a plot to a wilds plot
  • /plot set inn - Sets a plot to an inn plot
  • /plot set jail – Set a plot to a jail plot
  • /plot set farm – Set a plot to a farm plot
  • /plot set bank – Set a plot to a bank plot
  • /plot set name – allows a mayor or plot-owner to rename plots they own, overwriting the ~Unowned message. Personal-plots display both the plot’s given name and the name of the plot-owner
  • /plot set perm [on/off] - Edits the perm line of the single plot in which the player is standing
  • /plot set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off] - Allows a mayor or plot owner to allow people in (like entry trust)
  • /plot set perm reset - Resets a plots perms back to town default

  • /resident ? - Shows all available resident commands
  • /resident - Shows information about yourself
  • /resident [playername] - Shows Information about a resident
  • /resident list - Lists all active residents
  • /resident tax - Shows a players tax
  • /resident toggle - Different things you can enable/disable for residences
  • /resident set perm [on/off] - Edits the perm line on the resident screen
  • /resident set perm [friend/ally/outsider] [on/off] - Allows you to allow players in your residence (like Entry trust)
  • /resident set perm [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] - allows resident friends to do those actions
  • /resident set perm reset - This takes the perm line seen in the /resident screen and applies it to all plots personally owned by the player typing it
  • /resident friend [add/remove] [playername]
  • /resident friend clearlist - Clears a residents friend list
  • /resident spawn - Sends you to the town spawn

  • /town ? - Shows all available town commands
  • /town - Shows the status of the town you are in
  • /town [town] - Shows status of selected town
  • /town here - Shows status of current town you are standing in
  • /town list - Shows a list of server towns
  • /town online - Shows a list of online members in your town
  • /town leave - Command to leave town
  • /town reslist - Shows list of residents
  • /town ranklist - Shows a list of town ranks
  • /town outlawlist - Shows a list of outlawed players (Only Mayors/assistants use this)
  • /town plots - Shows a list of plots (Only Mayors/assistants use this)
  • /town outlaw [add/remove] [playername] - (Only Mayors/assistants use this)
  • /town say - Is like a town broadcast
  • /town spawn - Sends you to the towns spawn
  • /town deposit - deposits into a town bank
  • /town outpost - Town outposts are used to create claims that aren’t adjacent to your town
  • /town mayor - List if commands for the mayor
  • /town new [townname] - Create a new town (Cost is $1000)
  • /town add [playername] - Adds a player to your town as a resident
  • /town kick [playername] - Kicks a resident from your town
  • /town spawn - Creates a spawn for residents to use instead of homes.
  • /town spawn [townname] - Allows you to teleport to other town spawns
  • /town claim - Command is used to claim land for the town
  • /town unclaim - Command is used to unclaim land for your town
  • /town withdraw - Allows money to be withdrawn from town bank
  • /town deposit - Allows a resident to deposit money into a town back
  • /town buy - Command to buy more town chunks
  • /town delete - Allows the mayor to delete the town
  • /town rank - Sets a players town rank (Only Mayors/assistants use this)
  • /town set board - Sets town message seen by residents on login
  • /town set mayor - Command to give mayor status to another resident
  • /town set homeblock - Sets the homeblock and spawn of your town
  • /town set name - Sets the towns name
  • /town set outpost - Resets the outposts spawn point to the player location. Must be used in an existing outpost plot.
  • /town set jail - sets the chunk that you’re in as the jail for your town.
  • /town set taxes - Command for mayors to set taxes
  • /town set perm - Same extension as plots or resident
  • /town tag [upto4character] - Sets the town’s tag, which is sometimes used on that chat line
  • /town toggle - allows town members to do those actions
  • /town join [townname] - Command to join an open town

  • /nation ? - Shows a list of nation commands
  • /nation - Shows the player their current nation status
  • /nation list - Lists all server nations
  • /nation online - Shows a list of nation members that are online
  • /nation [nationname] - Shows the status of nation in question
  • /nation leave - You leave the nation
  • /nation withdraw [amt] - Withdraws money from the nation bank
  • /nation deposit [amt] - adds money to the nation bank
  • /nation new [name] - Creates a new nation(Mayor/Townadmin) (Cost is $1000)
  • /nation rank - Command to set assistant/custom ranks in the nation
  • /nation add [townname] - Command to add a town to your nation
  • /nation kick [townname] - Command to remove a town from your nation
  • /nation delete [nationname] - Delete your nation
  • /nation ally [add/remove] [nationname] - Add/remove a nation to you allies list
  • /nation enemy [add/remove] [nationame] - add/remove a nation from your enemy list
  • /nation say - Command to speak in nation chat
  • /nation set -
    • King [resident] - Command to set a new nation king
    • Capital [town] - Sets the nation's capital(king command)
    • Taxes [price] - Sets the nation’s taxes (applied to all towns in nation)
    • Name [newnationname] - Sets the name of the nation
    • Spawn - Sets the nations spawn
    • Title [playername] [title] - Command to add a title to a nation member(king command)
    • Surname [playername] [title] - Command to add a suffix to a nation member(King command)
    • Tag [title] - Sets a tag for the nation
    • Tag clear - Clears nation tag
Guides Written By Frxost & CAke
We ask for your patience as we are learning Towny as well, anything you feel is incorrect or should be changed please let us know on discord.
Towny Guides will be updated as more content/features are added.
Any questions or concerns feel free to message us on discord -
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