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Teldaria Dungeons Guide


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-Guide To Teldaria Dungeons-
So you finally reached level 75 and want to try your first dungeon. Sure, your first (or even your tenth) dungeon might be confusing, but let's make sure you're well prepared to get that bread. Let's start off with some basic commands. /dp create will be your command to create a dungeon party, which are separate from mcmmo parties. Then you can /dp invite (player name) to get some friends in on the fun. Finally, you can do /dungeons to select and join a dungeon. Additionally, nice thing to know is that you don't have anything to lose from a dungeon. You will not lose anything upon death within a dungeon. With those commands, lets get down to business.

Reward Chance
This mechanic might seem confusing to most and some have misconceptions about it. Basically, reward chance goes up for every mob you kill. Side bosses like the Magus will give much more than the average mob. Mobs don't drop loot or give any points, but instead give reward chance. You get all your rewards at the end rather than as you go, so you gotta defeat the final boss for any rewards. Now what is reward chance? Reward chance is the chance you'll get rewards from the loot tables at the end. You either get it or you don't. It doesn't mean you get better rewards, it just means you are likelier to get rewards at all. So for example, given that you get rewards, 1% reward chance and 100% reward chance will on average give the same distribution of rewards. It's just that 1% reward chance will give you nothing 99 times out of 100 while 100% reward chance will always give you the reward.

Dungeons List
*Only one right now

Max 5 players
Minimum level 75
Timed 25 Minutes
Recommended Legendary+

Currently, Pandemic is the only dungeon on the server. I highly recommend at least full legendary with runes such as regen, shield and fire resist. The dungeon has a Nether theme, so there is many mobs that will set you on fire. The majority of the mobs will be legendary and fatal tier. It's pretty dark throughout so I also recommend max brightness and shaders off as well as a minimap mod to prevent from getting lost in the dark. You don't need to kill the Magus sideboss to complete the dungeon.

dungeon map.png
Here's a nifty map. To get to the boss, just follow the roads and bridges until you find a tall mountain, that's where the Magus is. Taking a left from there, you'll head to a large cavern which is where the teleporter to the main boss is.

Magus Sideboss
The Magus isn't mandatory to kill, but boosts your reward chance by a tiny bit. It's a 500 health mob that looks like a mage. (Who'd have guessed). There's a blue spherical shield around it, that blocks all damage for tiny intervals. The shield isn't a big deal, if you spam click like half your hits will make it. It's a really easy sideboss, doesn't really deal much damage back. The only issue is that it's on top of a steep mountain, so it'd require some serious parkour or jump 3 to get to.

Pandemic Boss
pandemic boss.PNG
Pandemic looks like a flying blaze. It has 7200 health. The majority of the fight will be the boss teleporting to the four corners of the little island you're on and shooting projectiles at you. The projectiles will be a bunch of arrows at once, and consecutive wither skulls and fireballs. The boss will occasionally spawn magma cubes as trash mobs, but they're not really a threat or anything. Eventually once the boss is low health, it'll begin a charge-up. This is a countdown, don't let it reach 100% or it's an instant kill for you party. You have to kill the boss before it finishes counting to 100%. It's a pretty basic fight, just whittling down the health until you get that final rush to kill it before the charge-up.

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