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Tutorial Teldaria Custom Enchants Guide


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Teldaria Custom Enchantments Guide
Teldarias custom enchants provide benefits for the player using them, from doing extra damage to becoming immune to walking on lava.
How to acquire Magic Dust and Custom Enchants
Tiered mobs have a chance to drop a single or multiple custom enchants and/or Magic Dust.

Book of Enhancements give a single randomized custom enchant, which you can get from buying from players in-game, Vote Crates, Daily Crates, /vshop, Uncommon-Rare Crates, and the Teldaria Webstore.

Magic dust is also obtainable by purchasing from players in-game or the Teldaria Webstore.
  • Note: The highest % of Magic Dust you can acquire is 22%
List of custom enchants and effects
  • Gems
    • Weapon/Tool
      • Loot Rate (1-5)
        • Increases your loot bonus by 1-5%
      • AOE Damage (1-5)
        • Increases your AOE Damage by 1-5%
      • Burn Rate (1-5)
        • Increases your chance to burn by 1-5%
      • Bleed Rate (1-5)
        • Increases your damage by 1-5%
      • Accuracy Rate (1-5)
        • Increases your accuracy rate by 1-5%
        • Is for use in PvP to hit a player that is using dodge gems.
      • Penetration (1-5)
        • Increases your weapons armor penetration by 1-5%.
        • Is mainly for use in PvP as mobs don’t wear armor most of the time.
      • Vampirism (1-5)
        • Increases your vampirism by 1-2.4%.
      • Crit. Strike Chance (1-5)
        • Increases your chance of critical strikes by 1-5%
      • Crit. Strike Damage (1-5)
        • Increases the damage of critical strikes by 0.25-0.85%
    • Armor/Shield
      • Dodge (1-5)
        • Increases your dodge chance by 1-2.8%.
    • Shield
      • Block Damage (1-5)
        • Increases your damage blocked by 1-5%
      • Block (1-5)
        • Increases your block rate by 1-5%.

  • Enchants
    • Weapon/Tool
      • Executioner (1-5)
        • 9-15% chance to get the enemies head on killing them.
      • Leg Grab (1-3)
        • 6.2-10.5% chance to apply a Slowness II-IV effect on the enemy.
      • Venom (1-4)
        • 5-16% chance to apply a Poison II-V effect on the enemy.
      • Wither (1-3)
        • 4-8% to apply a Wither II-IV effect on the enemy.
      • Eye Burn (1)
        • 10% chance to apply a Blindness II effect on the enemy.
      • Exhaust (1-4)
        • 8-15.95% chance to apply a Weakness II-V effect on the enemy.
      • Paralyze (1-5)
        • 5.45-14.05% chance to apply a Paralyze II - VI effect on the enemy.
      • Justice of the Gods (1-7)
        • 7-10.3% chance for lightning to strike on the enemy and deal 2-8 damage.
      • Exp Hunter (1-3)
        • 7.25-12.22% chance to get 2-4x exp on a mob kill.
      • Magic Implosion (1-5)
        • 6.65-11.65% chance to remove all buffs from the enemy.
    • Armor/Shield
      • Eternal Denial (1-4)
        • When you get damaged, you have a 6.15-10.2% chance for lightning to strike on the enemy and do 2-5 damage.
      • Ambush (1-3)
        • When you get damaged, you have a 5.75-13.05% chance to teleport behind the enemy and do 2-4 damage.
      • Prayer of Victory (1-5)
        • When you get damaged, you have a 8-17.8% chance to clear all debuffs from yourself.
      • Punishing Wave (1-4)
        • When you get damaged, you have a 4.85-9.2% chance to push away all nearby enemies and do 2-5 damage to them.
      • Flame Spray (1-10)
        • When you get damaged, you have a 9.25-11% chance to set your enemy on fire for 2-11 seconds.
    • Pickaxe
      • Lucky Miner (1-3)
        • Gives a 10-26.3% chance to get 2-4x ore drops when mined (works with silk touch).
    • Bow
      • Ricochet (1-7) - Currently broken, do not use
        • Makes your arrows ricochet to nearby entities in a range of 1-7 blocks.
      • Minigun (1-4)
        • Gives a 5.45-12.2% chance to launch 3 arrows (+1 arrow per level) in a row.
      • Malice Joke (1-5)
        • Gives a 5.45-15.25% chance to launch TNT instead of an arrow.
        • If you have both Malice Joke and Minigun applied, it will not shoot a minigun of TNT.
  • Runes
    • Weapon/Tool
      • Strength (1-3)
        • Grants a Strength effect.
      • Haste (1-3)
        • Grants a Haste effect.
    • Weapon/Armour/Shield
      • Assassin (1)
        • Grants an Invisibility effect.
    • Armor/Shield
      • Regeneration (1-2)
        • Grants a Regeneration effect.
      • Speed (1-2)
        • Grants a Speed effect.
      • Jump (1-3)
        • Grants a Jump effect.
      • Shield (1)
        • Grants a Damage Resistance.
      • Tiger Eye (1)
        • Grants a Night Vision.
      • Flame Cloak (1-3)
        • Grants a Fire Resistance effect.
        • Although there are 3 different levels of Flame Cloak they all have the same effect.
    • Helmet
      • Fish (1)
        • Grants a Water Breathing effect.
How to apply custom enchantments
You need both a piece of tiered gear with a slot for the custom enchant and a custom enchant (Example: A gem and gear with a gem slot.)
Slots on have a chance to appear on average minimum on the following tiers (not 100% accurate):
  • Gem slots Forgotten+
  • Enchant slots Ghostly+
  • Runes slots Legendary+

Custom enchantments are applied in your inventory by placing a custom enchant onto a piece of tiered gear with an associated slot and clicking accept. If the success rate isn’t high enough and the enchant fail, the custom enchant will be destroyed.

How to apply Magic Dust
Magic Dust increases the success rate of custom enchantments when applied.
Magic Dust is applied in the same way as custom enchants, except Magic Dust is applied onto a custom enchantment to increase the success rate.

  • Note: Although it is possible to get a enchant success rate higher than 100% by using Magic Dust, it will still be a guaranteed success.

This thread will be updated as updates are released.
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