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Tutorial Teldaria Brewery Guide


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Teldaria Brewery Guide
The Brewery plugin is included on this server, which lets you brew alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which can give you both negative and positive effects.

Setting up your brewery
You require at least a cauldron and a brewing stand to some of the more simple brews; whereas for more complex you may also need a barrel.

To assemble a cauldron you require a cauldron and a heat source (lava or fire).

Note: The glass is for demonstration and is not required. Also, you can just replace the fire with lava and have no netherrack.

There are 2 different sizes of barrels you can create

To create a small barrel you need 8 wooden stairs and then a sign that says "Barrel".

To create a large barrel you need 16 wooden stairs, a wooden fence, 18 wood planks and then a sign that says "Barrel".

Note: The sign on the barrels need to be placed last for it to register as a

Drink - Skunky Wheatbeer/Wheatbeer/Fine Wheatbeer
Ingredients - 3 Wheat
Fermenting time - 8 minutes
Wood type - Birch
Aging time - 20 minutes

Drink - Skunky Beer/Beer/Fine Beer
Ingredients - 6 Wheat
Fermenting time - 8
Wood type - Any
Aging time - 60 minutes

Drink - Skunky Darkbeer/Darkbeer/Fine Darkbeer
Ingredients - 6 Wheat
Fermenting time - 8
Wood type - Spruce
Aging time - 160 minutes

Drink - Awkward Mead/Mead/Golden Mead
Ingredients - 6 Sugar cane
Fermenting time - 3 minutes
Wood type - Oak
Aging time - 80 minutes

Drink - Apple Mead/Sweet Apple Mead/Sweet Golden Apple Mead
Ingredients - 6 Sugarcane & 2 Apples
Fermenting time - 4 minutes
Wood type - Oak
Aging time - 80 minutes
Effects - Water Breathing

Drink - Bitter Rum/Spicy Rum/&6Golden Rum
Ingredients - 14 Sugarcane
Fermenting time - 5 minutes
Distills - 2
Wood type - Oak
Aging time - 280 minutes
Effects - Fire Resistance & Poison

Drink - Lousy Vodka/Vodka/Russian Vodka
Ingredients - 10 Potatos
Fermenting time - 15 minutes
Distills - 3
Effects - Weakness & Poison

Drink - Poor Absinthe/Absinthe/Strong Absinthe
Ingredients - 15 Grass
Fermenting time - 3 minutes
Distills - 6
Effects - Poison

Drink - Potato soup
Ingredients - 5 Potatos & 3 Grass
Fermenting time - 3 minutes
Effects - Instant Health

Drink - Stale Coffee/Coffee/Strong Coffee
Ingredients - 12 Cocoa beans & 2 Milk buckets
Fermenting time - 2 minutes
Effects - Regeneration & Speed

To start fermenting, you use your ingredients on the cauldron filled with water. Now it should have started boiling, right click on the cauldron with a clock to see how long its been fermenting for, and when it reaches the required time right click on the cauldron with 3 empty bottles to get your ferment.

To start distilling, you place your ferment into a fuel brewing stand and insert glowstone in the ingredient slot. It should now start distilling, hover over your distillate to check how many times it has distilled. Once it reaches the required distills take the completed drink out of the brewing stand.

To age drinks, you right click on the barrel and it should open an inventory, place your ferment into the inventory and leave it for the required time. Hover over the aging ferment to check how long its been aging for (1 year = 20 minutes), once its done aging take your completed drink out of the brewing stand.

Side effects
Along with the mentioned negative effects mentioned in the recipes, most drinks are alcoholic and will make your character more drunk the more you drink. These effects are stumbling in random directions, nausea and if you get drunk enough you will start to vomit.

This thread will be updated as updates are released.
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