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In this guide, I will show you how to build and how to properly use oregens.
I will be doing this in a few chapters;
  1. kinds of oregens
  2. getting ores
  3. the pickaxe
  4. the sorter
  5. ways to AFK

There are many kinds of oregens with different levels of difficulty to build.
The simplest of all is the basic oregen. It consists of a lava source and one water source and it will generate one ore as shown in this picture.

This oregen is perfect for starters as all the supplies needed are in the starter chest. You have to break the ice inside to get water.
  • simple to make
  • all supplies are in the starter chest
  • it only generates one ore
  • the ores may go into the lava

Once you get a little further into the game, you may want a little more advanced oregen.
The design shown in the picture is the first design but then stacked 5 long, However, you will only need 2 water sources on the second and the 4rth block as the lava can flow a bit. You will need to get the ores to you somehow though, you can do this using hoppers or as I will show you later using a water stream and a filter.

  • it's faster than the starter oregen
  • it works well with a filter
  • it only uses 2 lava sources
  • items may fall into the lava

An alternative design to eliminate the ores falling into the lava is to make this oregen higher and pushing the ores down with a row of pistons. If you are using a water stream though, you will need to have this 13 blocks into the air making this pretty bulky.

A lot more advanced is an oregen that is also faster than the one above. Due to its complexity, I will show a few pictures but the full design is viewable at /is warp kevinthegame (at least until September 13th)

As you might notice is that the ores are generated by 2 basic oregens with pistons above them, these are pushed down where they will be pushed to the middle where they will meet. Here you can mine with a fast pickaxe and you will be getting 10 blocks whereas with a basic oregen you would only get 5. The only problem is that it causes some bad lag on bad computers and without optifine. I would highly recommend optifine to everyone.
  • faster than original oregens
  • no ores into the lava
  • without optifine it lags
  • it’s harder to build

Getting ores:
To get ores you will need a certain island level. You can gain these by placing blocks from /values and doing /is level to update the level.
At level 1000 20% of the ores will turn into redstone ore,
at level 2000 this will turn into 10% redstone and 10%lapis
at level 3500 this will become 7.5% redstone, 6%lapis and 6%coal
at level 5000 redstone, lapis, coal and iron will each have 5%
at level 8500 redstone, lapis, coal, iron and gold will each have 40%
at level 15000 redstone and lapis will have 4% and coal, iron, gold and emerald will each have 3%
at level 30000 redstone, lapis, coal, iron and gold will have 3% and diamond and emerald will have 2.5% chance

Each percentage will be increased by 5% when you get advanced oregen with an elite rank or higher.

The pickaxe:
Once you have a working oregen which also generates ores, you will also need a decent pickaxe. There are a few requirements these pickaxes have to meet:
Firstly, it must last infinitely. This can be done by adding mending and the uncommon custom enchant Experience 5, the experience will provide exp for mending to repair the pickaxe.

Secondly, the iron and gold will spawn in ore form, you can either smelt them after sorting or you can add autosmelt 4 on your pickaxe, this will smelt about 80% of the ores you mine instantly and instead of ores, it will drop ingots.

Thirdly you will need speed. Especially for the more advanced design, you will need a pickaxe that can keep up with the generating. For this I recommend a legend pickaxe as these will have efficiency 6 which is otherwise unobtainable. Also, I would recommend adding haste 3, this is a common enchant which gives you haste when holding the pickaxe making you mine faster.

The sorter:
Once you have mined the ores, the best thing to do is to sort them. The sorter will filter out any unwanted items such as gold- and iron ore, random items, and (cobble) stone.
It consists of a way of transport, the filter, and storage.

Way of transport:
For this, you can either use hoppers or what I prefer, a water stream. The problem with hoppers is that the sorter rates will be severely limited and it is prone to getting clogged up whereas water streams don’t experience this. A water stream uses a floor made out of packed ice and walls made out of any full block, so you can use glass but no chests as walls. Every 8 blocks or fewer there must be a sign followed by a new water source. The beginning will also need a water source. It should look a bit like the picture below.

The filter:
Where you want the storage to be, you will need a filter. This is made by a hopper on the level of the ice facing the comparator and a little redstone circuit like in the picture below.

once you have made this circuit, you will need to fill the top hoppers like the picture below.

In the first slot put the item you want to be filtered out. Fill the other slots with one item in each slot which will not be in the water stream. If you want to be extra secure, rename the 4 items or use /glow if you have access. This will make sure the chances of it breaking are minimal. If the filter does break however, for example due to severe lag or chunks unloading make sure no items go through the water stream. Then empty all the filters and refill them like the picture above.
To also prevent breaking stop the farm which sends its items through the stream Without unloading the chunks before you leave, after +/- 30 seconds its save to leave.

A storage is made underneath the filter and will take items passed on by the filters.
It consists of hoppers linked up to chests under the filters.

Ways to AFK:
  1. put a brick on your mouse. This is the simplest way of all. You go mining and put a heavy object on the mine button so it stays pressed. You will have to stay on the window and will not be able to do anything else on your PC.

2. Hold your mouse button, then unplug it.
This one is a little more practical than the last one. You unplug your mouse while holding the mine button making your computer think you are still mining. You can reconnect it after if you feel like it. Once again, you need to stay on that window.

3. The f11 trick. This trick is a little harder to do but is much better. First, you need to hold f3 and press p. It should say Pause on lost focus; disabled. If it says enabled, do it again.
You will only have to do this once. Now we can start the actual trick. Hold your mine button and when you are ready, press f11 and release your mine button at the same time. This might take some practice but after a few tries, you should get it. The best thing about this trick is that you can use alt+tab or double-tap the windows button when in full screen, to get out of the window and use the trick on another account or do your homework! (On mac use the command button (please tell me if this really works, I read this but couldn’t test it))

This was my starter guide on oregens! For any suggestions and/or questions please contact me in-game!
/msg kevinthegame {message}
/mail send kevinthegame {message}
or my discord: Kevinthegame#8074
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