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Jaydenat0r (Jay) Staff Application

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1. Tell us something unique about you…

I feel as if I am a unique person in multiple ways. One way is that I am very interested in music, and I enjoy partaking in playing instruments, such as the violin and piano. I am also involved in my community, regarding volunteering. I enjoy helping people out in need, and I believe that this can contribute to the server, and the community highly when it comes to helping new players.

2. What motivates you?

My main motivation comes from the idea of learning new things, along with the future. Thinking about the future in any scenario motivates me, and makes me keep pushing towards the end goal. I am also motivated by the people around me, and my peers. If I am near a positive community, I know that I am always supported throughout, and I know that I can keep moving forward. In this case, I know that the positive community is this server. My motivation also comes from meeting set goals, or targets. This gives me a sense of completion, and it also shows results for the future. I am always on a quest to become a better person in life, and this ideal motivates me greatly. Keeping a positive mindset 24/7 keeps me on my feet, and ready to improve in the future.

3. What sets you apart from the next applicant?

I believe that I can be set apart from the other applicants because I strive to be the best I possibly can, and positive in most situations. I seek to stay positive and help my peers stay positive in any possible situation I am put in. I aspire to reflect on the mistakes I make, and excel off of them. I also try to put in 100% in anything I may do in my life, whether or not the outcome is positive, or not. I also can put my skills and experience of helping people towards the server, and towards the community, to ensure a positive, and accepting playerbase.

4. Why do you want to be staff?

I would like a staff position because I feel like my strengths can help the server immensely. I have played Chaotic since early 3.0, which may not seem as old. However, I have been involved with Chaotic since the days where it was in its prime. I am sincerely interested on how the entire community can make this server better than it already is, and how we might improve. I might not have past experience being staff, but I have been around the community, and I know how to operate in the sense of helping people. I know Chaotic inside and out, and I know the rules, and each of the punishments needed to keep this server toxic-free. Chaotic has been a shelter for me, and many of the people around us, and I strive to make this server a place that we can all enjoy. I aim to create an exceptional first experience for all of the new players coming from other DestinyMC servers, or players coming for a toxic-free prison server, that is enjoyable for all.

5. If selected, do you agree to abide by all Chaotic's rules and not abuse permissions?

If I were to be selected as staff, I agree, and would most definitely abide by all Chaotic's rules and not abuse my permissions as staff.

6. How old are you?

7. What is your username?

8. What is your discord?