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iDrinkClorox Staff Application

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iDrinkClorox (lexi)

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1. Tell us something unique about you...

I can juggle tennis balls and lil bean bags over 100x, can throw a discus 84ft, and have a full ride scholarship (flex).

2. What motivates you?

I’m a very driven person that’s motivated by happines, ambition, and my desire to make everyone else around me happy and satisfied before myself. As a chaotic enthusiast, my memories and connection to the server motivate me to keep the server and players as a top priority.

3. What sets you apart from the next applicant?

What sets me apart from the next applicant is the fact that I have played on Chaotic since 2015, already have obtained good relationships with many staff members, and am well known by the players that are online on a daily basis. Also, I will most definitely change my ign if I have to.

4. Why do you want to be staff?

I would looove to be staff because Chaotic is the only server I play on on a daily basis and I am online everyday and almost all day, unless busy. I would be more than glad to support and give back to the server that has given me many sentimental memories over the years.

5. If selected, do you agree to abide by all Chaotic's rules and not abuse permissions?

If I am accepted to staff, I agree to abide by all rules and will not abuse permissions.

6. How old are you?

17, almost 18.

7. What is your username?


8. What is your discord?