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Breaking any of these rules will result in varying punishment deemed fit by the staff team. You can be variably banned for days, weeks, or months at the discretion of staff. If you feel a ban length is unfair, feel free to appeal your ban and fight your case in a fair staff courtroom.

For a link to blacklisted and allowed mods, go here

To request a courtroom appeal, file a ban appeal in our Discord (Head to role requests and get the Factions rank first), and at the end write “Courtroom appeal.” An admin will read your appeal over and decide if it’s worthy for a staff court. If deemed worthy you will be DMed and will negotiate a court date. You may bring 1 additional faction member as your lawyer, or represent yourself. If you win your case and persuade the staff team your ban was unfair or unjust, you may be unbanned or have your punishment shortened. For game changing appeals, like rule changes, more people may be present.

  1. Insiding - Insiding a faction is allowed - Be careful of who you let in.
  2. Raid Requests - Factions may privately request upper staff to be present for raids to monitor and check the raid to make sure that the cannon is legal before it begins. This will keep the faction from having issues in post.
  3. Cannons Rule - No auto cannons, No 2 button cannons, No cannons that bypass walls, No ac130s, No wallremovers, No rev nukers. Fusion Cannons are allowed. If you can make anything else, it's free game. If you have questions about a cannon, ask.
  4. No Mergers Rule - All mergers of any factions within the top 10 must be approved by a council of upper staff members, aka the admin team. The team will evaluate the rightfulness of the merger and whether or not it will be fair for the other factions on the server. (Standardized Rules available upon request).
  5. Raid Rules - Patching is allowed, but not with genbuckets. Raidalerts/Automated Raid notifications are not allowed. Afking on walls is not allowed. Walls must patrolled. Bots are allowed to patrol walls and alert players so long as the livestream done from the bots is public OR staff are let known of the bot usage. No cobblemonsters.
  6. Auto Farming - Bots are NOT allowed to farm or be used for anything besides checkboxes.
  7. Spawner Rules - No water protected spawners, No blocking up spawners.
  8. Claim Rules - No bitch claims after first week. The single claim in the corner means you now own the corner. 20 chunk buffer from first wall, max base size of 10x10. Raid claims cannot be larger than 5x5. No extending raid claims for fights. No extending chunk buffer claims for fights or anti raids. If you want to raid a cannon box, make sure your claims are disconnected from your buffer.
  9. Sister/Brother/Alt Factions & Allies - 5 allies max, 1 Sister Faction Max (Cannot affect your claims. Do not extend your buffer.), Allied factions must not live within 20 Chunks of each other as to not extend buffers.
  10. Toxicity - DDosing is a Blacklist for the entire faction when 2 or more members are caught violating this offense. The same goes for doxxing and swatting, even threats. Keep your egos to yourself, nobody needs to see you flex your botnets. Fry your own eggs. If you know you have faction members you cannot keep in control, kick them out early. We do not tolerate excuses and we are unforgiving in this regard. In 2019 and 2018 especially, these have become real life threatening issues and a block game is never worth a federal charge. Be smart.
    • Side note, we’re alright with banter. Roast your boys for that ugly ass hairline he kept secret on his private instagram account. Just don’t drop a link in chat.
  11. Bans and Punishments - If an owner of a faction is banned, his second in command may be put in charge. Dupes found inside bases/publicly known to members of the faction will result in the whole faction being blacklisted. Duping factions who were not aware of a single member’s duping will have their entire ftop cut by 75% and their player balances reset. Factions caught breaking raid rules or other rules as a group will be given strikes. 3 Strikes max, stikes are reset every 4 weeks, strikes are logged in the staff discord so you can check your strikes at any time, strikes can be appealed if the faction has visual evidence of not committing a crime.
  12. Coreprotect - Is a thing, if you get wrongfully raided let administration know. Must have proof.
  13. Strikes - 3 strikes per faction. Strikes can be issued by Admins and above. If your faction gets 3 strikes, it is disbanded. This is a big deal and difference from being blacklisted. Blacklists = You and your players get banned, but your FTOP is kept alive for other facs to have a free raid. 3 Strikes = Disband, you and your players can continue to play freely and merge into another faction but you lose your FTOP value.