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Teldaria lets players have “cities”. You can either join a current city or you can create your own. To join an existing city, you can get an invitation from the city mayor or look through /c to see all the cities. Wooden does are open cities where you can join anytime unless its at full capacity. The iron doors are “Invite Only” cites which the major of that certain city must send you an invite. Cities are created on claims larger than 500 claim blocks and allow for plots, taxes, etc. When a city is made, the player who made it is the mayor. To create a city, do “/c new (city name)” on your claim. You can get general info, like the size of the city or citizens online by doing “/c info”. For a mayor to set up plots, they must first set up subdivisions (Described in the claiming guide). Then while standing in a subdivision, use “/c plot new” and it will create an unassigned plot. From here you have many options on what you want to do with the plot. To get the info of a plot, just simply do “/c plot info” while standing in it.

A mayor can do the following:
“/c plot assign (player name)” gives a player a plot.
“/c plot unassign” while in a plot takes it away from the plot owner.
“/c plot takeable (true|false)” sets if the plot can be taken by a citizen of the city.
“/c plot take” while in a plot will take the plot if it is takeable.
“/c plot delete” while in a plot will delete that plot.
“/c plot motd (message)” makes it so that every time a player walks into the plot, they will receive the motd message. (Message of the day)

Mayors can also give certain permissions to their citizens through the “/c perm (citizen name) (set|unset) [A|I|E|M|P|S]” command.
The letter stands for the different permissions you can give:
“A”- Assistant, includes the I,E,M,P,S permissions in one.
“I”- Invite; the ability to invite the player to an invite-only city.
“E”- Expel; gives a citizen the ability to expel other citizens from the city.
“M”- MOTD; allows a citizen to change the message of the day for the city (shown when you walk onto the city claim).
“P”- Plot; allows a citizen to edit their own plot as well as other citizens’ plots.
“S”- Spawn; a citizen with this permission can change where the city spawn is.

You can also choose to tax your citizens for 5% of their balance, done on a weekly basis. This is toggled by doing “/c taxes [true|false]”. The tax money is put into the “/city bank” where those funds can be spent on certain “/city upgrades” such as an increases cap on the number of players that can join the city or increased spawner speed (reducing the delay). You can deposit your own funds into the city bank by doing “/city deposit (amt)”; the same goes with “/city withdraw”.

As mayor you have a large of other commands to use most of which are self-explanatory:
“/citychat <message>” or “/tc <message>”- command to talk in city chat. You can also toggle city chat mode by doing “/tc” by itself.
“/c spawn”- teleports you to the city spawn.
“/c delete (city name)”- deletes the city.
"/c invite (player name)"- Invites a player to your city
“/c mayor (citizen name)”- changes the position of mayor to someone else; this can only be executed by the mayor of the city.
“/c rename (new city name)”- changes the city name.
“/c autojoin [true|false]”- toggles whether or not a player can join the city without an invitation.
“/c motd [res|out|current] (message)”- this changes the message of the day for whenever citizens (res) or outsiders (out) walk into the city or tp into it. You can have two different messages for players depending on if they are a citizen or not. Doing “/c current” just displays the current messages of the day for residents and outsiders.
“/c leave”- leaves the current city you are in.
“/c join <city name”- allows you to join a city which has autojoin enabled.
“/c help”- for more commands like /c expel, /c ban, /c unban, and more.