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So the reason why i got banned is for Alting, maybe the staff that banned me thought it was like abuse of alting, but the only time i did was last week, i logged in an account a friend was using to play but then he stopped playing consistently, so all i did was wondertrade once, get a ditto out of it and i thought, well considering it was my luck maybe i can get someone to send it over to my account, and that was about it, i disconnected and next day i was banned for alting, he got banned too, even though i went to /warp rules and info in search of alting being bannable (but didnt see the word anywhere, maybe i didnt see the sign that said it) so i said well maybe if its not abuse of it, it may be fine, and i dont know if i can get unbanned, i've seen other posts about chat issues, but none like this, i dont know if this is considered permaban and unforgivable or just a regular ban.
*Edit* I actually had evidence of screenshots of me playing with 2 of my friends (1 of them is from that account), but since i uninstalled and redownloaded pixelspark in the technic launcher, it deleted even the screenshots and cant be found again. If you decide to not unban both accounts, maybe consider unbanning me, since my friend hasnt played pixelmon anymore and I think that a ban that I caused in that server wont trouble him and I wont be able to access it any time soon, also I feel like I wasted my rank and special pokemons from this mistake. Thanks for reading my friend. I will respect your decision even if its a denial.
My IGN is DaveGZ, the friend's is KillerJanuary
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