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Ban Appeal !

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(Very unsure if theirs a format i could be using if you would like me to re-appeal respond with a format i may use thank you in advance)

Hello the name is Crys and i've been banned quite a long time now i think it's roughly 9 months maybe a bit or less or more not 100% for sure on that.

So my ban reason was more or less for annoying a staff member and disrespecting what they said to me as i was claiming over my friends land and then when asked to remove it refusing to do so and being rude to the staff member i regret the decisions i made and if given another chance i would love to play the server again as i still have some friends that i would really love to play and talk with again and just enjoy the server as a whole.

The reason you should unban me is because it was a very long time ago and i'm nothing like that anymore i'm kind and caring and have grown past being immature the way i was and feel i deserve the chance to come back the ban was indeed fair but as it's like 9 months later i feel it's a fair time to be unbanned i've waited a long time and grown and will prove if given the chance that i am a completely different and respectful person.

I've noticed many changes on the server and they do seem pretty great honestly i love gen 7 personally and would like to experience it on the server and with anyone whom also enjoys it :)

Thanks for considering un banning me If there is a format or more detailed required please do respond to this forum and i will happily remake this under format or more detailed on the situation that happened.

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