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Ban Appeal of me and my innocent friend (LATMASS - Pinokkijood)


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LATMASS: Hello, i am banned because i was scamming someone + trolling.
I regret what i did and i will pay him the money back and say sorry.
I scammed a Shiny Froakie, i had to pay 4,5K but i did not, instead i paid 0,45K.
I thought it was funny but i got banned wich i did not like.

I have not played Pixelmon over a year and i did not know you would get banned so easily.
I totally understand if this ban appeal will get rejected because of my stupid actions, i just wanted to have a little fun on the server,
and i know that that was not the right way to have fun, i ruined his day to get something for myself. I never scammed someone before, my friend that i always play with also got banned but he did not involve in the scam, he only changed his name to troll a little bit, his name is: Pinokkijood.

Pinnokijood: Sorry that i trolled him he must have felt sad. I also wanted to have a little fun and this is not the right way,
i have lots of money ( In Pixelmon ) + I did not really involve in the scam, i understand if you say i did.

We are sorry for what we have done to Atticus... ( I think thats the name <3)

We will not scam again, we bought a rank to have fun and not to do this. I also haven't played for over a year.