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A Complete Guide To DestinyMC Skyblock


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Complete Guide To:


- Getting Started (Creating an island, cobblestone generators.)
- Key Commands

- Economy (Auction, shop, voting, Island level and value blocks, money)
- Staff & Useful Links

New to Skyblock? Fear not! This guide is here to help you and serve as a reference point throughout your time on the server. I've included as much as I possibly can but if I've left anything out, let me know. I'm always welcome to new ideas. I hope this guide helps you and you can enjoy your Skyblock adventure!

1 - *Getting Started*:
To begin your Skyblock journey, press 'T' to open the chat menu and type '/is'. You'll be greeted with a friendly menu that looks a little bit like this:

Click on the yellow bed and you'll be able to create an island! Once you've done this, open up the chest that spawns automatically and take the lava bucket and the block of ice. This will allow you to move on to a crucial stage in island building: Cobblestone Generation & Initial expansion.
"But, how do I build a cobblestone generator?!" I don't hear you ask. Let's learn how to anyway. This is a really common and basic skill, but it's always nice to have a reminder. (No, I totally didn't have to google how to do this.)

-*NOTE: Melt your ice with the lava first! Collect it into a water bucket.*-

STEP 1: Dig five blocks in a row, on the second block to your right dig down another block. The finished product should look something like this:


STEP 2: Add your water to the block on the right, so that it flows into the little hole.


STEP 3: Add your lava by right clicking the left block, it will flow to meet the water and generate cobblestone automatically.
Bam! Just like magic, you now have a cobblestone generator. You can sell this cobblestone for money to buy more things to expand your island with. You can also go mining at /mines to access rarer ores to sell, as well as battle bosses!

2 - *Key Commands*:
/is - Brings you to the Island GUI
/is warp *player* - Brings you to the island of another player
/ah - Brings you to the Auction House (See Economy)
/ah sell *Price* - Allows you to sell to the Auction House
/shop - Allows you to buy and sell using the in game shop
/spawn - Takes you to spawn
/warp crates - Brings you to the Crates area
/warp pvp - Takes you to PVP
/vote - Allows you to vote for the server in order to access in game rewards (You can vote twice a day!)
/help - Takes you to the tutorial
/discord - Join the Discord server
/forums - Access the DestinyMC forums
/store - Buy in game rewards with real money (Ranks, tags, etc)
/ts - Token store
/trade *NAME* - Trade with another player
/lottery buy *Number* - Buy a lottery ticket (Up to 50 tickets can be bought at once)
/pv - Access your personal vault
/mines - Access the mines
/rules - Read the server rules!
/msg *Name* - Send a private message to another player

3 - Economy:

Making Money:
The server uses an entirely player based economy in which you can buy, sell and trade with others to make money. In game money allows you to buy blocks to expand and level up your island, as well as give you access to food and other items like spawners and hoppers. Making money is pretty easy and there's quite a few ways to do it. Some of the most popular ways to do it are:

- Cactus Farms. ($5k per chest of cactus.)
- Selling vote keys on the Auction House. (They sell for upwards of 75k!)
- Going to '/mines' and selling what you find. (Slow method.)
- Profit shops. (Buying items cheaply from a player's shop and selling them for profit.)

To use the Auction House, type '/ah' to view current items you can buy, or '/ah sell *PRICE*' to sell whatever you're currently holding. You can check on the progress of your items at any point by clicking on the small Emerald at the bottom left of the menu. Once an item has expired without being bought, it will be placed in your collection bin (The Ender Chest icon.)

Voting and Crates:
You may have noticed that voting gives you a 'Vote Key'. This item can be redeemed at /warp crates for a multitude of goodies! Each rank has access to it's own crate, which is unlocked by a specific key. Depending on the rank, the crate will give rarer rewards. Crates are valuable and keys will sell for a lot of money!

Island Level & Value Blocks:
Your island's level is determined by how many Value Blocks you have placed. To view Value Blocks and how much they're worth, you can do '/values'. When your island level is high enough, you can do '/oregen' to increase a chance of a rare ore spawning in your cobblestone generator. Once you've places your value blocks, make sure you do '/is level' to update the level!


4 - *FAQ*:

Q: Can I access the Nether?
A: Yes! Build a Nether Portal as you normally would and grind Blazes til your heart's content.

Q: Can I be a Mod?
A: You can apply for the helper position, or to be a builder. The forms are linked below.

Q: Am I allowed to use *Game Modifier/Hack*:
A: Not usually. PM staff if you're unsure, and make sure you read the rules.

_More to be added!_

5 - *Staff & Useful Links*:
Owner: Atlas__
Admins: CaptainLodo, EvilLittleThing, Skythal, Lauren_Lawson
Senior Mods: LDN_Gamer, Die_Viktoria, Roockyyy, Hailieroo001

Contact any of the above with questions/concerns. They'd be more than happy to help.

Links to applications: https://www.thedestinymc.com/threads/staff-applications.167/ , https://www.thedestinymc.com/threads/builder-applications.188/



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Great guide for those that are new to the server! The layout of the thread is very simple to follow and the photos add a good touch to it. An idea for something you could add to expand the info on your thread is going into detail about the token shop on the server (i.e how to get tokens, what are tokens & how to use them).

Edit: Another suggestion you could add to your thread is minions and elaborate what they do, how to get them & how to use them. I would also go into detail about dungeons and the mines feature.
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