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  1. DotPlusDot

    pfft masks are for furries. Puppet heads are where it's at.

    pfft masks are for furries. Puppet heads are where it's at.
  2. DotPlusDot

    Ban Appeal

    This is very late. But Balloon was a moderator and is trying to help. If he is bossing people around please ask him to stop. He will understand.
  3. DotPlusDot

    Hello, I am King Dot.

    I'd like to say thanks. Maybe we can be friends!
  4. DotPlusDot

    Hello, I am King Dot.

    Hello, I'm King Dot, I work as a Moderator on SoulSilver. Likes: r/wooooooosh, SoulSilver, Building, Ark: Survival Evolved, other stuff Dislikes: TroubleMakers, Trolls, Anyone that disrespects DotClan Favorite Thing to do: Watch Youtube. Age: 16, 17 this upcoming July. That's about it. I...
  5. DotPlusDot

    Ban Appeal

    Seems legit, not a Pikacity staff member, but good luck.
  6. DotPlusDot

    Ban Appeal

    My main response to that is that why were you warned a second time, according to you, "but at the last time i didnt even undersell on purpose" That is implying that you may have in the first two cases.
  7. DotPlusDot

    Lost a Destiny knot

    I'm not sure what Reforges rules are on screenshotting items for proof, but I'm pretty sure it needs to have /proof in it.
  8. DotPlusDot

    Ban Appeal

    Pretty good appeal, hope you get unbanned.
  9. DotPlusDot

    Ban Appeal

    I'd say that's a no. It's common sense not to talk about sensitive topics. Your rank is irrelevant information as it's not a get out of jail free card. Also according to what you said, you were expecting to be muted, which means you knew what you did was wrong?
  10. DotPlusDot

    Ban Appeal

    From what I recall, you were warned multiple times to not do it. You continued. Correct me if I'm incorrect but you didn't stop after the first warning so what makes it believable that you would stop after being unbanned?
  11. DotPlusDot

    I drink toast

    Nah, late implies I was on time originally.
  12. DotPlusDot


    Ooooh, ok, this isn't an unban fourm, I think Digestedoats just didn't know what to name it.
  13. DotPlusDot

    It says i have the legend rank but i bought the sapphire rank a while back

    That was the old destiny MC, I'm surprised you have your legend rank. The old DestinyMC is gone. This is a new DestinyMC, The network has the same name but is different. With your legend rank though I advise messaging a staff member in game or via discord.
  14. DotPlusDot


    I just wanna ask but who's who? Are you the same person?
  15. DotPlusDot

    _thegodofthunder could you do me a favour?

    Kind thing to ask, but I'm not sure if that's possible. SoulSilver is not at fault for your friend had control of your account. (Btw if that's true I'd stop being friends with that person if they do that type of thing.)
  16. DotPlusDot

    Ban appeal, again...

    if I may bud in, thor has access to checking who placed what block, you came up when he checked. (And that no other player had touched the block.) Staff usually destroy the builds as they are offensive after the player that built it has received their punishment. Denying this really does not...
  17. DotPlusDot

    My build:D

    Interesting. Though I'd say it could use a little special touch up with some light maybe?
  18. DotPlusDot

    Didn't receive what I payed for

    now I don't work for heartgold, but if I may recommend, I recommend messaging an Admin+ In game or on discord with sufficient evidence (The receipt) and they'll get you your rank.
  19. DotPlusDot

    Being Dot is hard (Trolling Wall is fun) Being staff generally is fun :P

    Being Dot is hard (Trolling Wall is fun) Being staff generally is fun :P
  20. DotPlusDot

    I drink toast