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    What is your timezone and when are you active during your timezone?:

    GMT +2

    How old are you?:


    What is your join date on Castia?:

    2 weeks ago.

    How many hours do you have to contribute to our server daily/weekly?:

    2-4 hours

    Do you have any previous staff or leadership experience in-game or IRL?:

    i’ve been staff before on another server for 2 weeks but the server died.

    Do you have any previous punishments on Castia?:


    Have you read Rules and Policies?:


    Why have you decided to apply for staff?

    i liked being staff on the other server and i was talking to a staffmember on castia about being staff and i would like tob e staff here

    What can you contribute to the server by being a staff member?:

    I’m from Belgium so i speak dutch i can speak english and a little bit of french

    Additional comments:


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